Chesapeake Electrical Systems

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New Hampshire Ave NW

Clarendon, Virginia

Chesapeake Electrical Systems, Inc. was responsible for the Installation of 106 Roadway Lighting Poles, 17 Traffic Signal Intersections and 2 CCTV Cameras in Washington Circle. This project also included 17 Temporary Traffic Intersections, 100+ Temporary Roadway Lighting Poles, 111 Electrical Manholes, 14,000feet of underground conduit, 90,000 feet of Traffic Signal Cable and 50,000’ electrical cable for the Roadway Lighting.

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Chesapeake Electrical Systems (CES) was founded in 1993. Since that time, with a dedicated staff, CES has grown into a company of over 100 construction professionals that is recognized as one of the leading electrical construction and service firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.