Chesapeake Electrical Systems

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USCG Headquarters Building

Clarendon, Virginia

Chesapeake Electrical Systems was contracted to play an integral part of building of the West Campus Access Road and significant improvements to the Firth/Sterling Intersection for on the St. Elizabeth Campus. The campus is being redeveloped for use as the U.S Coast Guard Headquarters and the Headquarters for The Department of Homeland Security. We were contracted to install street lighting on the new West Campus Road along with new conduit, duct bank, wiring, and fixtures as well as provisions for future security and telecommunications infrastructure. Additionally our contract included improvements to five intersections near the intersection of Firth Sterling Ave and Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., SE. We installed the traffic communications poles, lights, signals and pedestrian interactions along with all associated conduits, duct banks and wiring while minimizing impact on the public on a major travel road and trolley rail system.

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Chesapeake Electrical Systems (CES) was founded in 1993. Since that time, with a dedicated staff, CES has grown into a company of over 100 construction professionals that is recognized as one of the leading electrical construction and service firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.