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Andrews Airforce Base


Chesapeake Electrical Systems, Inc. provided and installed over 80 new Taxiway and Runway lights which required over 20,000 feet of conduit and over 50,000 feet of 5kv wire. The runway and taxiway fixtures include elevated taxiway lights, elevated runway lights, in pavement flush mounted edge lights with installation tolerances of 1/16 of an inch. To further complicate the project, taxiway Sierra is a major taxiway that intersects two of the world’s most secure and crucial runways with constant closures/shutdowns due to the nature of the VIP flight lines and users that made this a logistically challenging project.

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Chesapeake Electrical Systems (CES) was founded in 1993. Since that time, with a dedicated staff, CES has grown into a company of over 100 construction professionals that is recognized as one of the leading electrical construction and service firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.